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Review: BRCC – Kim – Deaf Girl (Released June 3, 2013)

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-05 badink

**Hard Cell’s Review**

Well here’s a new one.  Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel of girls willing to fuck a loser.  This week have a deaf girl.  I guess our scumbag, soft-dick loser had to find someone who couldn’t hear his bullshit and walk out on him.  This is bad even for this gutter-dweller BRCC guy.  I’m betting this girl will wish she was blind and wonder if she is paralyzed from the waist down after seeing the infamous noodle-dick and NOT feeling it fuck her.

Here we have Kim, the common kind of self-loathing girl that gets into these “take my cunt” situations.  How do I know she is unhappy with herself?  Well, how many Asians do you see with white hair?  Or tattoos all over the place?  Or doing backroom porn?  She’s obviously trying to distance herself from herself at all costs.  I bet she even pretends she sucks at math, too.

She can either read lips or partially hear, because the BRCC guy talks to her, but does it like she’s a retard – slowly and loudly.  Then again, if he was going to talk to all retards this way, shouldn’t he do it to all the girls who show up here?  And you know what?  The girls should talk back to him in a slow and loud voice too.  Let’s face it; Backroom Casting Couch is just a weekly gathering of retards, over and over.


Our loser host says he met Kim online while she was camming.  He says “you have a great look” and like all fucking devil women, she pretends she didn’t hear that part just to make him say it again.  We are onto your games, cunts. You can check out her cam profile here, look for her screenname “sweetinked_”

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-02 fakenohear


Kim is just cooing and making faint noises, like a helpless baby animal.  Trying to be all innocent, like a manga girl.  IT MAKES ME WANT TO SEE HER PUNISHED WITH DICK.  Any time I hear some girl coo, I want to hear a scream out of her next.  I’m not buying that “don’t hurt me” baby voice bullshit.  I know you are secretly cooing for cock.

Our Genius of Porn Guy figures out a way to talk to her – by writing shit down for her to read:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-03 writedown


Because I’m a connected motherfucka, I was able to obtain the actual pad of paper he used to communicate with Kim.  Here is what he drew:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-04 notepadwant

It must have done the trick, because Kim stands up and gets naked.  She’s got a tight body.  But it’s obvious that while she is deaf, her tattoo artist must be blind.  This bitch has enough handicaps going on, does she need the “WTF?” tattoo handicap as well?

 [Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-05 badink


The whole time Kim is stripping, the Backroom Casting Couch guy is mumbling to the viewers about how hard this is going to be because she can’t hear and how nervous she seems.  Didn’t he blow it here?  Couldn’t he use her deafness to spice up the scene and say real shit we want to hear?

“This cunt doesn’t know it yet, but I’ve got duct tape and rope in my trunk.  See that asshole of hers?  I’ll be jamming a lit candlestick up it in my private dungeon later this evening…”

Shit like that.  But this guy is as soft in the brain as in the pants.  He can’t pull that shit off.

He gives her a toy to play with, and we get to hear her do more baby-cooing as she attempts to talk.  Who knows what the fuck she is saying?  I wish we could donate her body to someone who can hear.  Even a dog’s head (with working ears) will do.  She does have a really tight, stripper’s body though:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-06 dildo


But because Kim doesn’t know how sounds can make a guy rock-hard (I’ll take uncontrollable screaming, thank you) she is silent as snow.  You can only hear the gushing of her pussy because she works that dildo in fast and sloppy.  It’s not a bad compromise.

Kim is told with another hand-written note that it is time to suck his cock.  This is probably what BRCC Guy drew:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-07 noodles


And here she is enjoying her Shrimp-flavored meal.  Living up to his namesake, the noodle-dick has a tough time staying hard, as always:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-08 bjsoft

It takes forever to get his dick hard enough to fuck with, so Genius decides that once he finally has enough blood in his dick, he’s going to wait and eat Kim’s pussy instead.  There is one deaf person and one dumb person in this scene, I’m telling you.

He has Kim hold the camera and point it at her own face.  She actually looks pretty cute, but it also means we get to hear her marble-mouthed attempts to talk.  When I’m trying to get a boner, I don’t need the girl sounding like she’s got Downs Syndrome, for Christ’s sake.

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-09 faceclose


Done with eating her pussy, the BRCC guy stands right up and they proceed to make retard love:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-10 ramen


When the guy puts the camera down and lifts Kim’s ass off the desk to get good leverage, the fucking actually picks up to a nice pace.  It makes the BRCC guy actually seem competent for once.  But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since everyone knows that Asians know how make the best out of noodles:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-11 pickupfcuk


Even better is the doggie, because this chick has a tight, heart-shaped ass.  He dwells on it for a second, and it does make you want her ass pretty badly:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-12 heartass


The guy proceeds to fuck her over the desk, then sitting on the couch, then with Kim squatting on top.  She so horny, she loved him long time:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-13 longtimelove


Let’s get right to the anal, shall we?  Continuing his special way of talking to Kim, he says “NOW.  I’M.   GOING.   TO.   FUCK.  YOUR.   ASS.”  She gives a quiet “ok”, having experienced the noodle already and knowing it ain’t going to do any damage.

She lubes up her asshole (not bad), and it’s time.  BRCC Guy lives for anal, so he’s excited.  He puts it in while saying “it’s going in like butter”.  Don’t we all want it to NOT go in like butter, but rather like coarse-ground sandpaper?  Butter means no “painal”, and Kim does react just like it was a normal part of her sexual arsenal.  A small let down, but it’s still a really fine ass being split with cock:

[Backroom Casting Couch]-[Kim]-14 analdual


It actually last much longer than usual, as we know our man is prone to blow early.  Hearing Kim cry out a few times during the fastest anal pounding is nice, even if her moans sound like “deaf-speak” too.

He goes right from asshole back into her pussy, and fucks her long (for him) again, cumming inside her pussy and then pulling out and letting the cum drip out of her.  She’s lucky she’s deaf because as she’s pushing out his cum, she lets out a HUGE diarrhea-sounding queef blast, which was both nasty and funny.  She then spends a long time playing with her cum-filled cunt.

As far as BRCC goes, this is a pretty good scene.  Kim is going to remind you of those girls you’ve fucked that normally aren’t in your league, but have enough wrong with them they are not top-shelf pussy and will settle for a less.

She’s got a air of helplessness about her, which just makes you want to put a tear into her asshole.  It would be a fucking pleasure to be around her in real life so you can trick her into doing weird sexual shit all the time and still subtly make her continually feel inferior and damaged too.  I could definitely get off to Kim, at least once or twice.

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  1. Wow, this was a hilarious read. I just came across this site today from my non usual search engine (you must have really poor rankings if you dont show up on google). Though, this was a good read and funny and informative (although maybe racist with the cup noodle thing). I hate the manga bitch moans. Though, this deaf chick does look hot. So I dont know

  2. actually her real name is EDITED married to american deaf. my partner said he had tried her before and she paid all bills in the hotel while waiting for her visa approved and a hottie deaf.

  3. I felt sorta bad, it seemed she didn’t really comprehend. Anyway, her cam name doesn’t come up so if anyone has tracked her please share the link. I’d like to follow up on the cooing and how deaf she really is.

  4. She darkened her hair and got implants, but still pretty hot.


  5. The BRCC guy’s patronising attitude to that girl throughout really wound me up. And he didn’t seem to remotely get off on this, even when he came. It was like his bus had just arrived, or something. Shame cos she’s gorgeous and he could’ve made a much better video had he put less effort into making snide fucking remarks.

    A lot of this article is funny. But, Hard Cell, your comments about her are just as bad. Aside from the Asian stereotyping which makes me wonder if you were stealing material from Bernard Manning; saying you don’t need her “sounding like she’s got down-syndrome” is just…. *sigh*. WTF, man?


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